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The Rug Experts

We sell traditional and modern rugs.
We sell traditional and modern styled kilims.
We sell patchwork rugs & kilims.

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Konya Ladik
Wool pile, cotton base with vegetable dyes. Hand woven in Turkey.

The experienced Boge family provide the following services that are implicit to the sale and maintenance of rug & kilims:
This includes the following:-
  • We produce and sell wool and silk rugs and kilims from originally designed artistic patterns and models.
  • We have a large range of rugs, kilims and patchwork rugs for sale.
  • We have patchwork rugs, patchwork kilims, Turkish rugs, Turkish patchworks, Oriental rugs, Afghan rugs, Pakistani rugs for sale, to mention a few.
  • Hand washing of rugs, kilims and carpets performed using natural chemicals. Extra care is given to the cleaning of antique rugs, kilims and carpets to avoid damage to the natural colours.
  • We have specialised equipment for cleaning rugs, kilims and carpets. These include the use of the especially purpose built Dolaplama machine and equipment used for the rinsing and spin-drying of the rugs.
  • Repairs of all kinds of rugs and kilims; new, old, family heirlooms and antiques.
  • Hand weaving of all kinds of rugs and kilims with the use of natural plant root-colours and hand spun wool.

We have very experienced and professional staff providing a high quality of service.

Rugs, Carpets and Kilims Before and After Restoration.

Repairs: before and after.

Materials for Repair and Restoration

For prompt service and quality it is important to receive items where they are needed, without delay, to ensure efficient delivery of our client's rugs, carpets and kilims. Since the carpet industry is not prevalent in all countries, it is only natural that the resources will be acquired from diverse locations. We have family and professional contacts located all around the world. We have the ability, knowledge and contacts to quickly acquire the top quality resources as required from the source.

World Wide Knowledge

Our collective experiences have been acquired over generations of working in this trade. Our friendly staff have been trained from childhood around the world and are highly professional with the services they provide.

The Boge family has provided many years of high quality services from Asia, Europe and Australia and will continue to do so for many years to come.


Turkish Anatolian Rug.


Turkish Hereke Rug Yedidag Cicegi

Patchwork Kilim

Konya Rug

Turkish Hereke Rug